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It is funny how simple packing and unboxing can bring back vivid memories. 

Each item is carefully raised from its grave - haunting our every current thought and feeling. The resurrection is not necessarily a good or bad thing but it certainly brings about a sense of emotion that allows us to look back upon our past and find a sense of how we came to be. 

Souvenir magnets that were once attached to, a now, outdated fridge bring about the certain reassurance that happiness is indubitable in life.

Old books and video tapes remind us that although our childhood may be over, a pinch of innocence and a dash of childlike faith can concoct a recipe for a life worth living.

Boxes are a funny thing.   

Smash. I honestly could say that this is one of my favorite series thus far. I’m so sad that it wasn’t renewed for another season. Broadway theatre is an interesting thing and this show piqued my interest more - having see behind the scenes of live musical theatre. I loved it and it had a good run. 

The final song choice was great because it had its big finish; it tied all loose ends and it left us (certainly me) wanting more! 


Hold onto hope, love
I’ve searched high and low for you
For you
Each day gets closer
So hold on stronger to me
And you

Hold onto Hope Love - Amy Stroup


…and CBS News.


…and CBS News.